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Experience The Voyage

STAR TREK: THE CRUISE™ III is a Star Trek experience unlike anything this side of the Neutral Zone! On this 6-day voyage on the spectacular Norwegian Jade, you will sail the Caribbean with iconic Star Trek actors and personalities.

Your voyage will be filled with unique, interactive and immersive events that you will share with our star-studded crew. Below are just some of the experiences our guests enjoyed on our 2018 cruise!

One-of-a-Kind Nightly Shows Unlike at a convention, our celebrities do not go home at the end of the day. They create original, one-of-a-kind shows that are performed nightly in the Stardust Theater.
Celebrity Interactive Events Star Trek: The Cruise is a very "un-Conventional" voyage! You will see your favorite celebrities in events and activities that feature some of their hobbies and favorite things to do. Don’t miss the opportunity to get up close and personal, as you get to be part of these interactive events.
Autograph & Photograph SessionsAmong the many other events and star-studded activities, we also want to give fans the opportunity to purchase those autographs or photographs of their favorite celebrities to complete their collection.
Star Trek: The Cruise VIP T-Shirt Party As a Crew Member on Star Trek: The Cruise, it is only logical that you should be treated like the VIP that you are. We are going to give all of our Crew Members VIP status, complete with free drinks and butler-served hors d’oeuvres for one hour, and of course live music from our band and DJ. All you have to do to get this VIP status is wear your complimentary “Star Trek: The Cruise” T-Shirt and come party poolside!
Star Trek: The Cruise Game Shows Set your phasers to stun for the game shows that are about to commence. See some of your favorite celebrities and fellow guests play the craziest games you have ever seen. You will laugh uncontrollably as our Star Trek Game Shows have side-splitting moments you couldn’t write about; you just have to see them for yourself!
Star Trek: The Cruise MuseumEnjoy browsing through a collection of classic props, costumes and other Star Trek memorabilia supplied by our partners at CBS at our Star Trek: The Cruise Museum.
Celebrity Hosted ExcursionsJoin some of our Celebrities as they guide you on some of the most exciting and unique excursions offered in our fabulous ports of call.
Singles and Solos EventsWorried about coming on the cruise by yourself? Have no fear. We have plenty of events planned just for our singles and solos, like board game meet-ups, happy hours, karaoke and more.
13 Forward

The Crew Members Social Hub at the Spinnaker Lounge

To quote Captain Picard, “Ten-Forward is the hub of the ship's social activity. Everyone on board comes here.” The Starship Norwegian Jade has recreated this spirit with its own observation lounge and recreation facility, similarly situated at the extreme forward end of the ship, and designed with large windows. Offering 180-degree views – best for keeping an eye on any space-time anomalies, nebulae or advancing Borg cubes - 13 Forward is accessed by two doors each on the port and starboard sides, and at the rear of the room. It is the social center of the ship, and will play host to Q&A panels, celebrity bingo, karaoke and musical performances. The bar, which offers more than mere synthehol, stays open late into each evening and doubles as a nightclub, as our own DJ spins straight through Alpha Shift.
Gaaays In SpaaaceGaaays In Spaaace, an advocacy group that promotes the need for LGBTQ characters in science fiction, will be joining Star Trek: The Cruise this year to join stars and fans in hosting various parties and panel discussions. All guests are welcome at these events.
Cryptic Clue Scavenger Hunt Put your thinking caps on as you try to decode the riddles that will lead you to the next clue on this fun, ship-wide cryptic clue scavenger hunt and solve the challenging puzzles!